1-meter2 reproductive and vegetative biomass sample

the order should be delivered in excel format. Follow the instructions and the examples and do the part 1 of the assignment. "Please note that for part 1 we will) be using the weights of the 1-meter2 reproductive and vegetative biomass samples (see “Reproductive and Vegetative Sort”), as well as insect count, light interception, and plant diversity counts. All questions apply only to this portion of the datasheets."

This does mean that in your sheets for the assignment you should include not just the biomass weights, but the insect count, the light meter data, and plant diversity counts. Then you should add additional columns/cells to show the converted weight. This means the weight data should be shown as collected (in lbs) and then converted ( in kg).
Weight data in Wide Format should include original and converted, in Long format you can use just converted.


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