19 year old male perspective…I wear black but not Gothic

Question I need a 500 word essay that answer the question below From a 19 year old male perspective…I wear black but not Gothic I have strong faith love to serve in church but very quiet. I enjoy reading books like Japanese Manga books and enjoy comics . I love listening to Jazz R&B and pop music with this I need a essay that answer the following question below: ?Seek the fashion which truly fits and befits you. You will always be in fashion if you are true to yourself and only if you are true to yourself. You might of course rightly wear that style which is emblazoned on the fashion magazines of the day or you might not.? – Maya Angelou. There are no boundaries to personal style whether it is expressed through the clothes you wear the music you listen to or the books you read. What does your style say about you? thank you in advance

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