Describe Paper instructions:
In this journal activity you think about the more difficult times of your life and the ways you have conquered any problems. “The Reflective Journal is a place for you to post your reflections on what you have learned and experienced throughout each week. Between the course readings, discussion boards, written assignments and your daily life experiences, there will be concepts, understandings and coping strategies that were new to you or shifted your perception or worked when you used them or not etc. Journaling provides a format for you to synthesize your knowledge, skills and experiences and allows you to find meanings and make connections in order to be able to critically think and apply the concepts and skills you have learned. For each journal entry you write you should remember these directions: Copy the directions for each step into your journal (Just the bold blue print below)
Be spontaneous
Be honest
Be creative
Be reflective Journal Entry #4 Describe a time in your life that you have faced a crisis or setback which caused an unexpected change in plans.
Thinking positively about these crisis situations may allow you to think of some new opportunities for the future.  This type of situation is called a dangerous opportunity.  Describe a dangerous opportunity you have faced in your life.  What were the dangers and what opportunities did you find?
Would any of the services offered to students here at Sinclair have made this crisis easier to cope with?

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