Please answer to these questions. But no any ciations. thanks

Question 1 (10 points)
Many managers view the purpose of business as making a profit, whereas some view the purpose as being able to create and maintain a customer. Explain how these alternative viewpoints could affect a company’s interactions with its customers. If a manager views the purpose as being able to create and maintain a customer, does this mean that the manager is not concerned with profits?

Question 2 (10 points)
What is customer equity? How can a company increase its customer equity?

Then, answer these questions with short sentences. Thanks

1. What can be accomplished by convening or attending a meeting?
2. What are five key jobs in a facility that contribute to the successful outcome of a meeting?
3. What is the CIC?
4. What is APEX and why is it important?
5. What is the impact of meetings on the U.S. Economy?
6. What is the future of electronic meetings?


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