360 degree feedback

360 degree feedback   Answer FOUR of the following questions using an essay style response. Each response is worth up to 25 points for a total exam grade of 100 points possible. Please use your text book (open book, open notes) and your own analyses to answer the questions. Ensure you fully develop and justify your responses…this is not a short answer exam. Answer 4 questions only (if you answer more than four, the first four will be graded).
1) What is listening and why is it a critical skill for a leader?
2) What is leadership? Provide the book definition, your definition, and a few key attributes of an effective leader. Which attribute, of the ones you have described, is the most important and why?
3) What is the relationship between an individual’s responsibility for ethical behavior and the idea of an organizational ethical climate?
4) Make your strongest case FOR or AGAINST 360 degree feedback. If you make your case AGAINST it, provide an alternative style of feedback.
5) Identify and describe the two components of credibility. Out of the two, which one is the most important and why?  

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