4 Ways to Attract Your Target Audience’s Attention through “Social Order Deviancy" Wk5M

4 Ways to Attract Your Target Audience’s Attention through “Social Order Deviancy”
Another method for grabbing your target audience’s attention and engaging them is to
provide some sort of “social order deviancy.” Some ways to accomplish this is through
the portrayal of:
1. Society Irreverence
2. Forbidden Behaviors
3. Offensive Behaviors
4. Unleashed Mania
Go to http://bit.ly/1eWpWTT and review the videos on social order deviancy found
posted on YouTube.
Then identify a YouTube link for a commercial with scenes of social order deviancy that
add to the list. I would ask that you submit your own link and vote on your top two with
BRIEF comments on why the promotion attracted attention through “social order
deviancy.” USE ONE OF THE CONCEPTS DESCRIBED ABOVE in order to receive
discussion credit.
You cannot use any examples used my blog videos.


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