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7Q` 2p2`v p2`i2t u BM i?2 ;` T? mbBM; vQm` `2bmHibX
kX “6a b2 `+? i`22 Bb i`22 Q7 p2`iB+2b 7`QK bQK2 ;` T?- rBi? i?2 7QHHQrBM; T`QT2`iB2b,
Ç h?2 `QQi Q7 “6a b2 `+? i`22 Bb i?2 p2`i2t u bm+? i? i dist(u)=0
Ç 6Q` Mv T `2Mi MQ/2 u M/ Mv +?BH/ v Q7 u BM “6a b2 `+? i`22- dist(v) = dist(u + 1)
.` r “6a b2 +? i`22 Q7 G mbBM; vQm` `2bmHib 7`QK i?2 T`2pBQmb i bFX

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