A Comprehensive Critical Analysis Essay of Change4life Social Marketing Programme

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Using Change4Life social marketing programmes to write essay (requires a comprehensive critical analysis of Change4Life social marketing programme)
Not only describe a Change4Life social marketing programmes and compare it to best practice, but to critically analyse, interpret and identify and discuss important implications from their analysis.
Essays will be assessed against your critical analysis of the following in relation to Change4Life social marketing programme:
– Analysis of formative research used to inform Change4Life social marketing programme
– Target group(s) segmentation strategy in Change4Life social marketing programme
– Establishment of objectives and goals in Change4Life social marketing programme
– Development and use of the social marketing mix in Change4Life social marketing programme
– Implementation of Change4Life social marketing programme
– Process, impact and outcome evaluation of Change4Life social marketing programme including consideration of ethical implications
– Critical analysis and reflection on the strengths, weaknesses of Change4Life programme (this should feature throughout your essay), and your own suggestions for future programmes on this topic
Also, please note that whilst I have loaded up some relevant literature and materials for a selection of social marketing programmes this is not an exhaustive list of materials. 
You need to use research skills to identify and incorporate relevant literature and materials into your essay. Remember that official project resources, and evaluation papers on interventions will often only tell the positive side of a project. So it is down to you to carefully analyse your selected social marketing programme from a critical perspective.
This essay relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
• Differentiate between commercial and social marketing and outline the scope of social marketing, seeking out new ideas and opportunities.
• Demonstrate awareness of social responsibility and become familiar with the range of issues where social marketing has an impact.
• Appreciate the characteristics and needs of others in society and understand prospective challenges to social issues including environmental sustainability.
• Critically analyse, discuss, and evaluate social marketing strategies and use secondary research skills to collect, collate and integrate examples with theory.
• Apply marketing techniques and theories to develop creative solutions to social problems acknowledging the implications of managerial decisions on society.
• Demonstrate use of written and oral skills to integrate key social marketing theoretical concepts and to create a coherent and theoretically rigorous argument relating to sustainability concepts.

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