When brainstorming iPhone Apps it is sometimes helpful to look at other apps already developed. The best way to check out other apps is on the iTunes store (iTunes is free).

Start a blank Google Slides presentation. Using a 12 point font, complete the following exercise using complete sentences and paragraphs.

Content and Style

In one or more paragraphs describe the situation or problem that your app is designed to address. Note that you are not limited by technological constraints. Your app can have superpowers.
In one or more paragraphs describe your solution to the situation or problem.
In one or more paragraphs list at least three benefits that your solution will provide. You may use bullets.
Describe three market segments that would buy your app—one of which must be your classmates. Provide demographics for the market segments—e.g., age, education, household income, gender, geographic location, and so forth.
Now pick one of those segments and create a fictional persona in the target market. Tell us details about your persona—where they live, how much they earn, where they go on vacation, if they have a girlfriend/boyfriend, and so forth. Remember that your persona must be willing to buy the app.
Deliverables: Electronic submission: Share your Google Slides presentation responses with your instructor.


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