A Marketing Review of John Lewis

Please write about the online sales issue and focus on how will it be solved make sure it is a marketing issue and a marketing solution from the powerpoint slide.

1. Introduction:
• overview including clear explanation of issue.
• What will this report cover?
• What will your report actually cover?

2. SWOT analysis in a table:
• All points must be referenced APA style
• strengths and weaknesses are RELATIVE TO COMPETITORS; opportunities and threats are external and uncontrollable
• This is the foundation for the plan and should direct the suggestions.

3. General strategic direction
• justification should be based on marketing theory
• & SWOT analysis
• You need to make clear links to theory and the SWOT

4. SMART objective
Strategic Marketing Goals
• BUILD: Build on what we already have by increasing investment or Market share in our existing market. Ensure it is clear Ensure it responds clearly to your issue
• Hold
• Harvest
• Divest
(See powerpoint slide) to agree with the broad directions the organisation might consider.

5. Marketing strategy
• How will you achieve this objective? ( the broad plan.)
• What will you actually do?
• Use Ansoff matrix framework for strategy: (see powerpoint slide)

6. marketing mix decisions (Reminder of target audience and explanation of positioning)
• P’s: Place, Process, Promotion (see powerpoint slide)
• Justify your suggestions from a marketing theory point of view.
• Justify your suggestions using your market data/intelligence (SWOT):

7 Conclusion –
what has your report covered? (Remind the reader of the issue and provide a concluding explanation for how your plan addresses the issue you’ve identified )
Wrap it up!
What was your report trying to do – have you done that?
Link back to your issue and objective.


Other info.

1. Reference ALL your SWOT points and make sure all Os and Ts are external and Ss and Ws are internal
2. Make sure your objective addresses your issue and that it is SMART
3. Provide a framework (ansoff matrix) for your strategy
4. Justify WHY you are making suggestions in the marketing mix and provide a greater level of detail. Link it to your SWOT points and show your understanding and application of theoryhttp://prime-essayservices.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=350&action=edit


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