A Stakeholder Theory of the Modern Corporation

A Stakeholder Theory of the Modern Corporation You are the special assistant to Martine Marvell, the CEO of Awesome Corporation. Awesome makes widgets, and the widget industry has recently been plagued by controversy and scandal. Ms. Marvell, your boss, wants to negotiate Awesome successfully through this difficult period and so has been doing a lot of reading and thinking about corporate responsibility and the purpose of the corporation. As part of this project, she wants you to read an article called “A Stakeholder Theory of the Modern Corporation” by R. Edward Freeman. Ms. Josephs has asked you to give her a report on this article in 300 words or less. Your report should provide a non-judgmental summary of the article; it should not opine on the value of the article, but should give Ms. Josephs as accurate a portrayal as you can of the author’s salient arguments. You can quote from the article, but all words besides direct quotes should be your own. No formal citations are necessary because it is understood that all quotations will come from the article itself. ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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