A View of the River

A View of the River Please read Chapters and Modules 8 – 10 before starting working on the case study. How to Analyze Case Studies Case studies present a situation managers encounter in various business settings. They describe a scenario and a problem that is encountered. You, in the role of the Manager, examine the situation, find the problem, find what led up to the problem, determine what possible courses of action can be taken to correct the problem and then select the best course of action. Case studies develop several skills: 1. Situational Analysis – the ability to look objectively at situations and determine the causes of problems. 2. Decision Making – the ability to look at situations and decide the possible ways of resolving the problem.
3. Problem Solving – the ability to select a solution to the problem from alternatives. Case studies are never totally cut and dry. Your background, experience and prior
knowledge have a significant bearing on how you will handle a situation. Accountants
for example, will perceive a problem from the financial impact it will have on the organization. Human resource professionals will inevitably look at how the problem will impact on the people within the organization. Marketing professionals will look at how the situation will impact on sales, service and delivery. I’ll be attaaching the instructions on how to complete the case study as well as all the assigned ,material for reading.
Case StudyAssignments
Studentswill berequiredtoanalyzeacasefrom eachofthe groupsbelow. Group Three
Case12-2:AViewoftheRiver, Page 371 Due Dates Case3due after completion ofModule10 Don’tforgetthat your termpaper is due atthe endofthecourse.Sometimes youwill be workingonaCaseatthesametime astheTermPaper,soplanyour timeaccordingly.   HowtoAnalyzeCase Studies Casestudies presentasituationmanagers encounter in various business settings. They describeascenarioandaproblemthatis encountered.You,intheroleoftheManager, examinethesituation,findtheproblem,findwhatled uptotheproblem,determinewhat possiblecoursesof actioncan betakentocorrecttheproblem andthenselectthebest course of action. Casestudiesdevelopseveral skills: 1. Situational Analysis- theabilitytolook objectivelyatsituationsanddeterminethe causesof problems. 2. DecisionMaking – theabilitytolook atsituations anddecide thepossibleways of resolvingthe problem.
3. Problem Solving- theabilitytoselectasolutionto the problem fromalternatives. Casestudiesarenever totallycut and dry.Your background, experienceandprior
knowledge haveasignificantbearingonhowyouwillhandleasituation.Accountants
for example,will perceivea problem from thefinancial impactitwill have onthe organization.Humanresourceprofessionalswillinevitablylook at howthe problemwill impactonthepeoplewithinthe organization. Marketingprofessionals willlook athow thesituationwill impact onsales,service anddelivery.   Case Study Format EachCaseStudyshould bethreetofivepages, doublespaced.Case Studiesshould contain thefollowinginformation: Your name
TitleandPagenumber oftheCase Study Summaryof theCase- Thisdefines theissue tobedealt within thecase.This section also discusses thefacts or issues thatledupto the problem.You mayuseabulletted list,with eachpointbeingacompletesentence. Identification andEvaluation ofSolutions- This sectionexamines several courses of actionthatmaybetakeninthesituation.Eachofthealternativesolutions isexamined, alongwith thepossibleconsequencesof each,bothpositive andnegative. Best Solution- Inthissectionyou decidethebestcourseof action to takeinthe situation andjustify your selection. Don’tforgettoconsultthescoringrubric for guidance. Case StudyGrading Form Objective/Criteria PerformanceIndicators
Exemplary Developing Beginning NotEvident
Length .5
CaseStudyis3 to
5 pages,double spaced. .25
CaseStudyis morethan5or
lessthan3 pages. 0
CaseStudyis lessthan2 pages. 0
andsentence structure .5
Writingis clear anduses appropriate sentence structure. Grammarand spellingare correct. .25
Appropriate sentencestructure is used.Thereis a maximumof1 spellingor grammarerror. 0
Sentence structureis sometimes incorrector inappropriate. Thereis a maximumof3 spellingor grammarerrors. 0
Sentencesare poorlyformed. Thereare numerous grammarand spellingerrors.
Summarizethecase 1.5
Learner demonstrates thorough understandingof thetopicorissue. Summaryis clear andfactual. 1
Learner demonstrates knowledgeofthe topicorissue. .5
Learner demonstrates minimalor superficial knowledgeofthe topicorissue. 0
Understandingof thetopicorissue is not demonstrated.
Presentthree alternatives 1.5
Threealternatives arefullyand clearlyexplained. Presentationis factualand objective. 1
Threealternatives arepresentedwith supportingfacts. .5
Twoalternatives arepresented. 0
Onealternative waspresented.
Presentprosand consforeach
alternative 3
Atleast3 positive and3 negative
aspectsofeach alternativeare clearlyexplained.
factualand objective. 2
2 positivepoints and2 negative
pointsare presentedfor eachalternative. 1
1 or2 positive andnegative
pointsare presentedfor eachalternative. 0
Prosandcons werenotclearly
Recommendsolution 3
Appropriate solutionis suggested.The reasoningis sound andthe
justificationis clearlyexplained. 2
Appropriate solutionis suggested. Reasoningis sound. 1
Solutionmayor maynotbe appropriate. Reasoningis weak. 0
Inappropriate solutionis suggested. Justificationlacks soundreasoning. Result outof10possiblemarks.     ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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