a visual text such as a political ad or series of ads, commercial advertisement

What visual text have you chosen to analyze?

What messages/ideas is this text sending about gender and/or racial identity? The answer to this question will be your THESIS STATEMENT:

Topic Sentence #1:

Topic Sentence #2:

Topic Sentence #3:

Choose either one ad that has a lot of components and subtext or choose a series of ads that share common characteristics (such as ads that all portray women negatively or ads that are all targeted to women, etc…).

2. To help you think of different types of ads and the questions to consider about them, consider the following:

Who: Who is producing the ad? Who is it targeting? Who might it appeal to? Who might object to it (if anyone)?
What: What product, service, candidate, public service message (etc.) is being marketed?
Where: Where is this ad found? (TV, movie, Internet, magazine, newspaper, billboard, store, product packaging, etc.)
When: When was this ad released? (You are welcome to use older ads for this analysis, but make sure to put it into the context of the times.)
Why: Why was the ad produced? Is there some cultural or topical issue related to its release beyond merely selling the product, service, etc. in question?


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