A Wild Workout for the Real World

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ep 1: Read “A Wild Workout for the Real World” (Links to an external site.) by Christopher McDougall.

This article focuses on the way in which our culture—including all the various aspects of our modern life—shape our bodies, as well as how we think about our bodies, our fitness and our human potential.

Step 2: Write and post a 500-word essay reflecting on the article and its ideas about our bodies. Although you have freedom to reflect on the aspects that are most meaningful to you, I also want you to address the question, “How does your culture shape your body?” Your challenge is to think anthropologically about the ways in which your culture and the various aspects of modern life are embodied in you and the people around you.

There are numerous other questions you may also want to consider, and I look forward to hearing what interests you on this topic. How might your body be different if you lived in a different time or practiced a different mode of subsistence (e.g. hunting and gathering)? What types of workouts do you do, and why? Why do you think so many people in our society choose to run marathons, and what does this say about our culture values, perceptions of the body, or modern lifestyle? Do you agree that “our workouts are domesticated, while the world out there is still plenty wild. In a pinch, can a man put gym-generated biceps and tank-tread abs to any real use? Could it be that our treadmill-running, elliptical-gliding, well-oiled Cybex worl
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