This is a preview of the Research Paper assignment. This assignment will last for 3 phases: week 5, week 6 and week 7.

The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize yourself with psychology research found in professional, peer-reviewed research journals. The assignment is broken into three phases:
Week 5: Research Paper Phase 1 (10 points)- Find two research articles in professional psychology journals and submit the citations of those articles for approval by the instructor. The topic must be related to Chapter 13 or Chapter 5. Post the topic and references in the blog.
Week 6: Research Paper Phase 2 (20 points)- Write up two abstracts for the two articles and post them in the discussion board. Read two classmates’ abstracts and write a critique by answering the following questions about their articles?
Do the results make sense? Why or why not?
If it is a laboratory design, how well does it capture the real world?
If it is a more natural design, are there factors that are impossible to control that may be impacting the study?
Are there alternative explanations for the results?
Overall, did you think it was a good study?


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