Activity 3 of Design project

SOURCES: Source of numbers in calculation, We are asked for every number from where and how we got it.(aside from the given numbers obviously).
FORMAT: More calculations and numbers, Less words
INSTRUCTIONS NOT FOLLOWED: output is 2000 L/day, Humidity 70%, bulb temperature 35 C,
Fan size (width) = ?? ( assume something real, and bring a picture of the fan ) should be around 1100mm>1300 mm.

Then do the calculations after you get a fan width and picture of it.

1) Material balance of the generator.

a) A draw with one inlet and two outlet streams, showing the feed and the outlets numbers and units.
b) Calculations clear and simple.( show your work )

2) Energy balance:

a) Continueing calculation from material to energy.
b) Energy balance as simple and clear ( show your work )


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