Acts 13:1-28:31


Thematic Analysis Essay 3, Acts 13:1–28:31
In an essay of at least 1000 words, analyze the thematic development of this third movement of the book of Acts. While this is not an exclusive list, be sure to address the following elements:
1. How does this segment develop the theme presented in the key verse of the book, Acts 1:8? Trace the development of this theme through this section of Acts.
2. What other major themes are developed in Acts 13–28 (of the eight themes identified by Polhill in section 11 of the Introduction)? Trace the development of each theme you recognize.

3. Luke presents three evangelistic messages by Paul in this movement of the book: his sermon in the synagogue of Pisidian Antioch in chapter 13, his plea to the people of Lystra in chapter 14, and his address to the philosophers of Athens in chapter 17. He also narrates Paul’s defense appearances before Governor Felix, Governor Festus, and King Agrippa 2. The last of these includes a gospel presentation. Read the three evangelistic messages and the defense before Agrippa again. Compare/contrast Paul’s preaching to the Jews with his preaching to pagans.
4. What pattern/progression do you see in the Jewish response to the witness of Paul in these chapters? (Give attention in your thinking to Paul’s words in 13:46–47, 18:6, and 28:25–28.)

The text for this class is: Polhill, John B. The New American Commentary Acts. Vol. 26. B&H Publishing group, 1992.

The themes they are referring to are: The Themes of Acts
World Mission
Providence of God 19
Power of the Spirit
Restored Israel
Inclusive Gospel
Faithful Witnesses
Relationship to the World
Triumph of the GospelP(5.u)       

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