Advanced Academic Writing

Advanced Academic Writing Context: In “Our Compassless Colleges” (, Peter Berkowitz proposes a liberal arts core for the university curriculum that would include Greek and Roman history, the sciences, foreign language proficiency, to name a few of the required courses he outlines.  What is your opinion of this proposal?  Would it produce an “educated person”? How effectively does he present his arguments? Would you add or change anything to his proposal? I.    Introduction 1.    You will begin your essay with a summary of the article
a.    Begin with the name, title, publication details, and main idea of the essay. Identify the author’s thesis as well as the critical question he poses to readers.
b.    Summarize the different positions in response to this critical question and the key supports for each.  Your summary should be coherent and focused. It will be in compressed form (one long paragraph. Do not forget to remind your audience this is a summary! Repeat in varied ways According to…, X maintains that… 2.    At the end of the summary, in the same paragraph, state your thesis by responding to the author’s proposal. Use an appropriate template from your textbook II. Main Body 3.    You will build your argument logically and coherently in the body paragraphs. Each paragraph should be focused (it discusses ONE reason why you agree or disagree), well structured (it begins with a clear topic sentence which introduces the reason you are analyzing in it) and coherent (ideas are well connected)
4.    You will draw on personal experience and background knowledge as well as the article to support the reasons for your response. Provide enough detail to be convincing. Select quotations carefully, incorporate them smoothly in your text, and discuss them thoughtfully and fittingly showing why and how they support your ideas
5.    You must bring into your text the voices of your opponents and give them credit or prove them wrong (partly or flat wrong). Use appropriate templates from your textbook Chapters 5 and 6. Answer concerns etc. logically and convincingly. I. Conclusion 1.    Bring your essay to an end smoothly, restating your thesis and making a recommendation or prediction for the future or advising your audience. Be original and thoughtful in your response. Be inspired by the class discussions we have had. Your essay should be at least 800 words.

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