Advancements in HIM research

HIT Research Project
Conduct thorough investigation of a specific advancement or current trend that has taken place as it relates to research in
health information technology (HIT). Your research should focus on identifying one health information technology tool or
system that has contributed to improving the management of health information and the overall quality of patient care.
Once you have selected your HIT area of focus, prepare a three- to five-page paper (not including the title page) that
contains the following:
1. one HIT system or tool,
2. when it was developed and introduced and by whom,
3. the type of research study or design that was used,
4. the purpose that it has served or will serve in the field of health information management,
5. the advantages and disadvantages of its use,
6. the outlook for further advancement in this area,
7. the data sets that are applicable to this type of system, and
8. the data standards that are applicable to this type of system.
Within your paper, include statistical data that represents trends that show outcomes as a result of using the tool or
system that you have chosen.


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