Advertisement Analysis:

Advertisement Analysis:
The purpose of these assignments is to get you thinking like a marketer.  Find one print advertisement that catches your attention to analyze.  Through your analysis you should determine the following: •    Who is the ad targeted at?
•    Does the product satisfy a need, a want, or a demand?
•    Does the ad convey the value that the product will offer the customer?
•    Where does the advertised product fall on The Product/Market Expansion Grid?
•    Is the advertised product’s market position evident in the ad?
•    How well does the ad address the marketing mix?
•    Does the advertisement address any macro-environment issues?
•    Is the ad effective? 1″ margin all around
Arial 11-point font
The important important thing, “NO PLAGIARISM” please
Make sure you make citation and reference if you use some of the sources.

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