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Essay guide:

What is Thoughtful Reaction Paper?

A thoughtful Reaction Paper requires the writer to choose a topic, analyze a text (s), then develop commentary related to it. It involves thoughtful reading and research. The purpose of a Thoughtful Reaction Paper is to show what a specific text, event, personality or/movement made you feel or think. Sometimes, a Thoughtful Reaction Paper even gives you the freedom to use first person singular to respond to the implications of the text or the topic. And remember that THIS IS NOT A SUMMERY.

You may choose to write about an issue, personality, movement or event that seems important and relevant to what we studied in class up to now.

Every written assignments should follow the method and style that govern academic writing. According to this method, four steps are essential: invention, arrangement, style, and delivery.

Assignments are assessed in the following four categories:

Showed analytical thought, expressed your judgment of the point at issue, and incorporated social science or/diaspora studies language or theory.

Clarity, correctness, appropriateness and distinctiveness.

Professional looking paper, followed format and deadline.


Thesis Statement


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