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All sections of final procurement plan project. Complete Part 2 of the Procurement Plan Project. This consists of the Contract Closeout and Maintaining Supplier Performance sections of the Procurement Plan Project as well as a memo to the procurement officer for your organization.

The Contract Closeout section will briefly describe the contract closing process with suppliers.
How you will finalize payments to suppliers?
The Maintaining Supplier Performance section will have descriptions of the partnerships or alliances that your organization has with the suppliers.
What are the key performance indicators (KPIs) used?
Describe the methods that will be used to measure supplier performance.
Explain why you have chosen these measurements.
Use the template to compose a memo to the organizational procurement officer.
State why this plan should be used by the organization.
Explain how your plan aligns with the organizational strategy.
Make any final modifications to the Procurement Plan based on your instructor and peer feedback. Finalize the Table of Contents and the Reference sections of your Procurement Plan.

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