Algorithm Development

This assignment represents the applicative part of the concepts regarding algorithms you have learned from both textbooks. On this occasion, you will be able to solve problems building algorithms, and representing them using either pseudocode, or flowcharts. This assignment addresses the learning objectives regarding solving problems using algorithms, as well as designing algorithms using pseudocode or flowchart.


Consider the problems and design the algorithms that would solve them, Project 2 Building Algorithm Problems [.docx]. You are free to choose between writing pseudocode or drawing flowcharts. As you start your journey on this road, I suggest you try both and see which one better fits your learning style so you will use it in the future.

You may draw a structured flowchart or write pseudocode that describes all the steps using MS Word, or you can use a free online tool, such as,, which allows you to create a flowchart and export it as a PDF.

1.Download the algorithm problems attached above, name it as P2-Algorithms_Your First Name_Your Last name, and save it in .doc, .docx or .pdf format. For example, P2-Algorithms_John_Smith.docx.
2.Add your algorithm under each problem. If you use other tool to draw the algorithms, such as,, make sure to copy a problem first and then draw the algorithm under it.


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