allied art100 Module 2 Homework Assignment

Question Running head: [INSERT TITLE HERE] [INSERT TITLE HERE] Student Name Allied American University Author Note This paper was prepared for [INSERT COURSE NAME] [INSERT COURSE ASSIGNMENT] taught by [INSERT INSTRUCTOR?S NAME]. Directions: Please answer the questions below in complete sentences using APA guidelines. Your response to each should be at least 300 words in length. Utilize examples from the textbook if applicable. 1. How did Egyptians typically portray the human figure? 2. Compare the sculptures of Gudea and Khafre. 3. Compare a Chinese pagoda a Han watchtower and an Indian stupa. 4. Discuss the Japanese aesthetic for natural materials and give an example. 5. Discuss the elements of color and its relationship to Greek sculpture. Why is the consideration of color important? 6. Describe the stylistic development that occurred from the Peplos Kore to the Parthenon?s pedimental sculpture and the Nike Adjusting Her Sandal.

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