Alzheimers Disease

Case Study Research and Intervention Paper–Due During Unit 6
Case Study Research and Intervention Paper (100 pts)

Students will choose an issue from a case scenario that they would like to research. The case scenarios to analyze for research topics are provided in the Unit 2 Read folder with a related assignment in the Unit 2 Accomplish folder.

Research will be conducted based on a problem identified from the scenario. The paper will cover both information about the problem and treatments/interventions for the problem. The first half of the paper should be exclusively informational. It should describe and expose the problem WITHOUT going into treatment possibilities. The second half of the paper should discuss treatment options.

There should be a minimum of 10 sources of information, primarily from scholarly sources such as peer-reviewed journal articles. These can be found on the UC library website through searching online databases. Hopefully students learned about this at the library orientation. If there are questions, please contact the professor who will provide a quick reference sheet for students on accessing scholarly sources. There should also be two web-based references that are deemed reputable, reliable, and credible (no Wikipedia,, etc.). Most reputable web sources end with the following domains:

.edu = educational, .org = nonprofit, .mil = military, .gov = government

A web site ending in .com is generally commercial and "for-profit" and therefore may not provide information that is reliable. They have a vested financial interest in the information posted on their web sites.

The paper is to be written in APA 6.0 format and should be 8-12 pages long, not counting the APA title page and references section. For assistance with APA formatting, please reference the following web site: and click on the APA format link.

The goal of this assignment is three-fold: 1) To learn as much as possible about the particular issue in question and 2) To learn how to access scholarly research to look for academic information regarding any issue that may be confronted in the field and 3) Demonstrate good organization and writing skills. The paper will be graded based on the following:

Does the paper have a minimum of 10 sources, most of which are scholarly and peer-reviewed and only two of which are web sites?
Are the sources reliable, credible (no wiki sources!)?
Is the paper in correct APA format?
Does the paper provide a thorough base of knowledge gained from your research?
Is there any plagiarism? (AUTOMATIC FAILURE ON THE PAPER—Sources will be checked via submission through Safe Assignment plagiarism software)
Is there structure to the paper? There should be a clear introduction that includes a thesis statement, a body of the paper that breaks the paper down by bolded sub-headings, and a conclusion of the paper that reviews what the paper has covered. A wise professor once said, "Say what you’re gonna say, say it, and then say what you said." 🙂


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