American Meteorological Society DataStreme Atmosphere

From the American Meteorological Society DataStreme Atmosphere American Meteorological Society DataStreme Atmosphere Web site, print or make a copy of the United States map with surface pressures. (You may have to display the map in “landscape” orientation to have room for the entire U.S. region.)

Draw isobars from the given data. (View the practical isobar drawing example from module 2.) Remember to follow these general rules for drawing isobars:

Use a pencil when initially drawing isobars.

Try to make your curves smooth and flowing.

Draw your isobars at standard 4-mb increments (e.g.: 992, 996, 1000, 1004 …).

Clearly label each and every isobar line with its appropriate value.

Do not cross or intersect isobar lines.

Do not stop an isobar midway within a set of data values.

Account for every incremental isobar value. (You cannot have a 1000-mb line and a 1008-mb line next to each other without a 1004-mb line in between.)

You may draw two isobars of the same value next to each other.

Label any closed isobars with an appropriate H or L.

Indicate on your map the region in which you would expect the strongest winds. Explain your choice.

Indicate on your map the region in which you would expect the weakest winds. Explain your choice.

In this activity, figure 7.1 shows an upper-level 500-mb map of the United States displaying isoheights (contours) in solid blue and isotherms in dashed red. On the map, indicate regions of approximate:

gradient winds
geostrophic winds


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