An Interdisciplinary Perspective.

You MUST have access to this TEXTBOOK: Cavanaugh, J. & Whitbourne, S. (1999). Gerontology: an Interdisciplinary Perspective. New York: Oxford University Press.

DIRECTIONS: Research & Interview Paper: You will select a research study cited anywhere in the body of the text book. You will review the study and provide a critique. Basically, find a research study in the textbook (you can use any chapter, for example: Jahoda: 1958) and make sure that specific research study is located in the reference page which is located in the back of each chapter(let me know what chapter you found it from and the research study), after you find the study in the reference page, you should be able to find an article online about that specific study. Keep in mind the study found in the chapter(body of the paragraph) should be the same as the one found in the reference page. For example Jahoda, 1958 should have a title next to it located in the reference page so you can look it up online and see if the article is there and critique according to that. PLEASE mention the chapter you found it from also. Answer the following questions about the article: please follow directions carefully.
I. What is the study about and how was it used in the textbook
a. Provide the details of the study:
i. Focus of the study.
ii. Population of the study.
iii. Findings/results of the study.
iv. What other research has been done on this topic and does it support or contradict the findings of the study under review?
II. Evaluate the methods of the researcher(s)
a. Did they have a good design?
b. What could have been better?

PLEASE MAKE THE PAPER SIMPLE AND CLEAR TO UNDERSTAND. Please cite everything including the article, the textbook and any sources from the book. Have a reference page as well, and please let me know if you have questions.

All papers will be graded on how well the subject is addressed AND writing quality. All papers must conform to formatting as follows:
1. Typed
2. Doubled Spaced
3. Times new Roman font
4. 12 point font
5. 1 inch margins all around
6. Title page
7. All pages numbered


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