Write a 3-4 page essay that provides a semiotic analysis of ONE of the following options: . 3. Select a musical artist or group Although this might seem like an easy topic to write about, beware that this must not end up being just a biography of the artist or group. Don’t just state what songs the artists have sung and how their careers have progressed. Instead, you must discuss what values the artists are promoting (whether consciously or not) within their music. How do their images, lyrics, songs, performances, etc. serve as signs of these values?; ; Objectives: * To think critically about the signs that entertainment media uses and to provide a semiotic analysis of how those signs somehow reflect or try to subvert the culture in which the text is produced. * To utilize other writers’ theories to help support and/or to articulate your own opinions and disagreements with those writers. * To provide a central thesis statement and to support that thesis statement with evidence from your analysis.;

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