Analytic Essay on National Baptist Philosophy of Civil Rights and Letter from Birmingham Jail

Referring exclusively to Joseph H. Jackson’s “National Baptist Philosophy of Civil
Rights” (page 511 of the course text) and Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from
Birmingham Jail—April 16, 1963” (page 519 of the course text) write a five –page
analytic essay (excluding work(s) cited page) in which you compare and contrast
what you will argue is a common theme in the two addresses by Jackson and King
Your objective in your five -page essay is to define, analyze, and explain your sense
of a common theme that show similar and contrasting characteristics by these two
African American religious thinkers and activists. Your essay should closely analyze
and explain this theme from both texts (by Jackson and King Jr.). Argue your claims
and assertions with textual evidence (analysis of textual quotes) where this theme
is similar in both texts and at the same time develop arguments that clearly
demonstrate where this theme is different in both texts.
Be very clear about the similarities and differences that you set up in your essay.
Use MLA style of citation.


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