Analyze an industry and a company and develop recommendations that will improve the competitive position of the firm

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The external section of your strategic plan should include five subsections(title each section clearly):

  1. Describe the economic characteristics of the industry.  For example, you may address the followings (focus on the industry):
  2. Identify the client’s industry (start with a NAICS code- is it accurate? If not, how do you want to define the industry? Check the Hillsborough County Business Directory for classifications).
  3. Market size (sales)
  4. Sales growth rate
  5. Stage of the life cycle (of the industry)
  6. Types of products sold (highly differentiated, weakly differentiated or very similar products)
  7. Scope of rivalry (local, regional, national, international, global)
  8. Key competitors in the industry (who are key competitors? where are they? What size are they? Is competition fragmented or consolidated?


  1.  Identify the key success factors (KSF) for the industry.
  2. What are the critical factors that determine whether a firm will be successful in this industry?
  3. What must a firm deliver to be successful?
  4. Identify 3-5 factors that are unique to being successful in this industry and give examples of companies that illustrate each key success factor.
  5. Be specific on how you know these factors are important to be successful.
  6.  What differentiates the successful and not so successful companies?
  7.  Identify and discuss driving forces or macro environmental trends (economic, social, demographic, legal/regulatory, ecological, and technology) that are creating opportunities or threats tothe industry.
  8. Focus on the trends that are impacting the industry.
  9. Conclude the section with a summary of the opportunities and threats.
  10. Include all opportunities and threats you have identified and discussed throughout this section (i.e. in the KSF, Five Forces Analysis or in the Trend Analysis).
  11. The list should not contain any opportunities that you did not include in your analyses of KSF, Porter’s 5 forces or trend analysis (but it should include all that you did discuss!).
  12. Develop and listthe opportunities and threats that you have identified (maybe in bullet forms).

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