Analyze and evaluate Labor Management Cooperation at the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation

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I. What factors provided an impetus for the union and management to work? Why are they working together, and why didn’t they before?
II. What are some of the operational challenges McGuire faces in trying to reform refuse collection and make it more cost effective? What were some of the issues contributing to the cost of the agency, and the pressure to run more like a business?
III. For younger (and even mature) students with less work experience, you might choose to ask about how unions affect labor relations. What role do they play in the workplace?
IV. How is the talk of privatization affecting David Trowbridge’s considerations and actions? How is Trowbridge responding to those pressures?
V. What are the most significant changes that have been accomplished as a result of the cooperative work?
VI. What was the key factors in making these changes? How did they come about?
VII. How can they use what they have done and learned so far in order to address the remaining issues of overtime?


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