Android SDK mobile Application-Easy Translator with OCR library

I want to make an mobile android application on SDK with eclipse with name EasyTranslator.; My application description:; android application for optical character recognition.The mobile application will be able to capture an image and attempt to recognise characters on that image.The project will then translate the text use the online libraries from google.The mobile application provide the ability to then save the text ,convert it to pdf , email it or sms.; My steps are:; 1) Take a photo of text. a. We can add photo cropping techniques later (i.e selecting only part of the photo); 2) Correct orientation if necessary; 3) Provide options: a. Use Google docs for OCR (if possible) b. Use the device for OCR; 4) If (a), then upload photo to Google docs account and call the necessary online API routines for OCR using Google docs.; 5) If (b), then we need an OCR library; a. Possible solutions:; i. Tesseract Open source:; ii. Abby Mobile OCR for Android (paid):; b. For Tesseract search for Tesseract OCR Library on Android.

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