animal communication, social behaviour, applied animal behaviour

Please review the uploaded file that contains all the information needed to complete this task.

Topic: Measuring the consistency of Zebrafish behavior with and without the presence of predators. This is the topic I picked which is vague, you would need to focus on which aspect of behavior you want to measure in a bit more detail. PLEASE specify a behavior.

Outline: 1-2 page
– Bullet point detailed answers to the questions on the PDF file I posted on page 4.
– This is just to give an overview what the topic is. Pretend it is an outline that you present to someone who needs a summary of what your research proposal is going to be about. This is essentially a pamphlet, it summarizes what the research is all about.
– This is a NEW research that has not been done before, based on current literature. What I’m looking for in the outline is a specific scientific question. This means that your topic statement includes your independent and dependent variables. What exactly are you manipulating and/or measuring. And it needs to be a question that has not yet been studied in the literature
-Written in a Word document.

Comments for research proposal:
– This is not a typical 14-16 pages long research proposal. read along to understand more.
– Pages 4-12 on the PDF should be your focus, it guides you as to what is anticipated for each section of the research proposal (Intro, methods, results etc..). It answers all required content explicitly. The PDF file contains ALL the information you need.
> Specifically, pages 9-12 contain each aspect that must be answered from intro to references. Pay close attention to those.
– Keep in mind that this would be in a poster format eventually which I will be doing by hand, meaning visual representation is far more important than actual text. Convey your message as much as possible in visual representations with brief, clear bullet points for each and every section (Intro which includes literature, Methods, results and discussion, references)
– That means utilize diagrams, figures, tables, and photographs to explain your story/study. It’s more visually appealing and often figures or diagrams are a quicker way to explain specific methodologies or experimental designs. (Use Excel, powerpoint)
– You should be able to fit enough content that people can understand your study well by just viewing my poster. The text content should be in bullet points. You can use full sentences, but definitely do not use full paragraphs. Posters are meant to give a summary of the research. It should NOT look like I wrote a paper and then attached it to a poster board.


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