APFT Failure

SUBJECT:  Army Physical Fitness Test Failure (APFT)


  1. Purpose: To outline Army Physical Fitness Test Failure


  1. Facts:


  1. The Army Physical Fitness Test designed to guarantee maintenance of physical fitness for individual soldier regardless of rank. It gives a measure of both lower and upper body fortitude depending on age and sex.  The fitness test consists of a two-mile run, sit-ups, and push-ups.  A soldier required by supervisor/commander to complete the test within two hours.


  1. The supervisors responsibility are to ensure both standardization and goals of the test program met through preparation, training, scoring, and regulation of performance issues.Each event scored with points ranging between 0 and 100. A minimum score of 60 is required for a soldier to pass each event.


  1. The Army Body Composition Programhelps towards passing the (APFT. It gives guidelines to meet desirable fat percentages of the body thereby elevate an individual’s fitness, and general health. When soldiers fail to pass the (APFT) despite support from ABCP, the commanders and supervisor initiate the process to flag them.


  1. When a soldier flagged, he or she is not eligible to attend military training, school, and promotion. This affects the soldier’s life although the soldier cannot denied decoration or an award due to failure in (APFT). The soldier have the option of taking another test within 90 days of first failure.


e.If a soldier fails two consecutive APFT tests, he or she is considered by the Commander for elimination as guided by AR 635-200.  For new recruits, they have 180 days to comply with body fat standards failure to which flagging begin as guided by AR 600-8-2 and later enrolled into the (ABCP).


Talk about the diagnostic apft , and record apft. Say the different between them

Talk about the initial counseling what happen after

Talk about what kind discharge a soldier will have they involuntary separate due the apft failure

Make sure it has some pic in the power point.

Have an overview w in the PowerPoint


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