APFT failure

I have attach the thesis statement , I also attach the instruction and the paper how it has to be. you use erase everything from the thesis statement paper and use that format because I need the paper to be one page no more than that’s the reason I said to use the thesis stamen format, knowing you are writing this paper according the thesis statement. the regulation to references for this paper is AR 600-8-2 and TC 3-22-20 the front is Arial 12. go DaMemo 25-52 page 36 figure19 to help you out with the fort which I attach the figure 19 already knowing the 1/2 its basically telling you how many space down the go please follow the instructions and the orders. I want you to focus on the purpose of APFT when does soldiers become a failure also include heigh and weight gender and age . what does the apft measure what happened when you failed, do you flag how long you flag and do they initiate an immediately separation how does the apft impact soldier career when soldier become failure how to improve soldier improve apft as Battalion within in your unit.
knowing this paper has to in active voice, only one passive sentence is authorize, and 15 words per sentence no more than 15 words. please look at the instructions,, the regulation and the thesis statement before writing this information paper, knowing I have to present it. for the space you go according to the figure 19 page 36 or follow the format if it state 2 space down you follow it it state 1 down you just follow it.

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