Applied Analytics

Question Complete in Microsoft Excel and use Excel Functions to solve You are thinking of advertising Microsoft products on a sports telecast. As you buy more ads the price of each ad decreases as shown in the following table: Number of ads Price per ad 1-5 $12000 6-10 $11000 11-20 $10000 21 and higher $9000 For example if you buy 8 ads you pay $11000 per ad but if you buy 14 ads you pay $10000 per ad. Write a formula that yields the total cost of purchasing any number of ads. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________________________________ The distance between any two US cities (excluding cities in Alaska and Hawaii) can be approximated by this formula: 69 * ? (lat1 – lat2) 2 + (long1 – long2) 2 The Citydata.xlsx file contains the latitude and longitude of selected US cities. Create a table that gives the distance between any two of the listed cities. The Quarterlygnpdata.xlsx workbook contains quarterly GNP data for the United States (in billions of 1996 dollars). Extract this data to three columns so that the first column contains the year the second column contains the quarter number and the third column contains the GNP The Textstylesdata.xlsx file contains information about the style color and size of a variety of shirts. For example the first shirt is style 100 (indicated by digits between the colon and the hyphen). Its color is 65 and its size is L. Use text functions to extract the style color and size of each shirt. How many workdays (including holidays) are there between July 10 2005 and August 15 2006? A project begins on December 4 2005. The project consists of Activities 1 2 and 3. Activity 2 can start the day after Activity 1 finishes. Activity 3 can start the day after Activity 2 finishes. Set up a worksheet that accepts as inputs the duration (in days) of the three activities and outputs both the month and year during which each activity is completed.

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