Applying E-Commerce in Business

¡°Although the goals of the U. S. Defense Department network were to control
weapons systems and transfer research files, other uses for this network began to
appear, such as: telecommunication, entertainment, management and so many
commercial and business activities. However, these uses were not exhaustive and
always positive as some other negative uses started to emerge all over the globe¡±. Critically evaluate the above statement, explaining the factors that contributed to the
growth of the Internet and consequently led to the development of E-Commerce as a
new business practice. In debating this topic, you may call on knowledge derived
from relevant research that has been carried out in various disciplines. Your essay should be written in an academic style that is enriched with relevant
examples, and documented with citations, footnotes and a bibliography. The work must
be word-processed and must not exceed 1500 words.

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