Question Question 1 of 25 4.0 Points What is the difference between expansion diffusion and relocation diffusion? A.In the case of expansion diffusion a phenomenon originates in an area remains strong there and spreads outward; in relocation diffusion the phenomenon is carried by migrants to a distant location and diffuses from there. B.In the case of relocation diffusion a phenomenon originates in an area remains strong there and spreads outward; in expansion diffusion the phenomenon is carried to a distant location and diffuses from there. C.Expansion diffusion involves direct contact; relocation diffusion requires a mobile host that transmits the diffused innovations at different locales. D.Expansion diffusion continues endlessly; relocation diffusion is a staged process affecting an even larger area in periodic waves. E.Relocation diffusion requires an agent such as television; expansion diffusion takes place by direct contact. Question 2 of 25 4.0 Points The Syrians have lost which piece of territory to the Israelis? A.Gaza B.Lebanon C.the West Bank D.the Golan Heights E.Kurdistan Question 3 of 25 4.0 Points The Shi’ites in Iraq: A.are outnumbered by the country’s Sunni population B.live in the northern part of the country C.were Saddam Hussein’s strongest supporters D.had their religious freedom restricted by Saddam Hussein’s regime E.fought on the side of Kuwait during the Iran-Iraq war Question 4 of 25 4.0 Points The country that controls the Musandam Peninsula that protrudes into the Persian Gulf is: A.Yemen B.Dubai C.Oman D.Iran E.Kuwait Question 5 of 25 4.0 Points The Aswan High Dam is located on the: A.Shatt-al-Arab B.Nile River C.Jordan River D.Suez Canal E.The Tigris River Question 6 of 25 4.0 Points Which of the following is not one of the republics of Turkestan? A.Kazakhstan B.Uzbekistan C.Turkmenistan D.Azerbaijan E.Tajikistan Question 7 of 25 4.0 Points The Ottoman Empire was headquartered in the city of: A.Constantinople B.Mecca C.Jerusalem D.Baghdad E.Alexandria Question 8 of 25 4.0 Points The western North African countries of Algeria Tunisia and Morocco are collectively called: A.the Maghreb B.the African Transition Zone C.the Near East D.the Tell E.the Levant Question 9 of 25 4.0 Points Which area was least influenced by the spread of Islam? A.Yemen B.Bosnia C.China D.Northern Nigeria E.Turkestan Question 10 of 25 4.0 Points Israel regards which city as its capital? A.Tel Aviv B.Haifa C.Beirut D.Jerusalem E.Golan Question 11 of 25 4.0 Points The upstream country that could control the flow of the Nile River into Egypt is: A.Iraq B.Sudan C.Israel D.Libya E.Chad Question 12 of 25 4.0 Points Which of the following is not located in the vicinity of the Nile Delta? A.Alexandria B.Aswan High Dam C.Cairo D.Suez Canal E.Lower Egypt Question 13 of 25 4.0 Points The most important ethnic group in Afghanistan is the: A.Pashtuns (Pathans) B.Turkmen C.Taliban D.Kurds E.Qaeda Question 14 of 25 4.0 Points The United Arab Emirates includes the oil-rich sheikhdom known as: A.Kuwait B.Oman C.Abu Dhabi D.Bahrain E.Qatar Question 15 of 25 4.0 Points Which of the following statements is false? A.Morocco became embroiled in a territorial dispute when it annexed Western Sahara. B.Algeria has been a nation into which many people have been migrating over the past 10 years. C.In Algeria oil revenues have replaced farm produce as the major export. D.Thriving commercial agriculture is found in all three Maghreb states. E.The entire Atlas mountain range is contained within the Maghreb states. Question 16 of 25 4.0 Points The North Africa/Southwest Asia realm contains about _____ percent of the world’s oil reserves. A.10 B.36 C.63 D.57 E.91 Question 17 of 25 4.0 Points The empire that ruled over much of Southwest Asia prior to World War I was the: A.Ottoman B.Persian C.Byzantine D.British E.Russian Question 18 of 25 4.0 Points About 85 percent of Muslims consider themselves: A.Imams B.Shi’ite C.Asian Orthodox D.Sharia E.Sunni Question 19 of 25 4.0 Points Hydraulic civilization theory holds that: A.water is the key to survival in the desert B.cities able to control irrigated farming over large hinterlands hold power over other cities C.irrigation is the key to the advancement of agriculture D.cities on islands will always dominate those on the nearby mainland E.rising sea levels will inevitably destroy coastal civilizations Question 20 of 25 4.0 Points In Saudi Arabia: A.petroleum reserves are concentrated in the west B.annual rainfall is almost everywhere under 10 inches C.the Rub al Khali lies in the national core area D.its declining population now barely exceeds 10 million E.Shi’ites outnumber Sunni Muslims Question 21 of 25 4.0 Points Which of the following statements is incorrect? A.The overwhelming majority of Egypt’s people live within a dozen miles of the Nile. B.The Blue Nile originates in Ethiopia. C.The largest of all Nile River control projects is the Aswan High Dam. D.Egypt’s largest city Cairo is located on the shore of Lake Nasser in Upper Egypt. E.The White Nile originates in East Africa. Question 22 of 25 4.0 Points A country that can be identified as a classic buffer state is: A.the West Bank B.Iraq C.Lebanon D.Afghanistan E.Egypt Question 23 of 25 4.0 Points Which of the following countries is not located on the Arabian Peninsula? A.Syria B.Kuwait C.Oman D.Qatar E.Bahrain Question 24 of 25 4.0 Points The North African exclaves of Ceuta and Melilla are associated with which country? A.Egypt B.Tunisia C.Phoenicia D.Morocco E.Algeria Answer Key: D Question 25 of 25 4.0 Points Which of the following is not included in the North Africa/Southwest Asia realm? A.Pakistan B.Iran C.Iraq D.Tunisia E.Afghanistan

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