Archaeological site project.

For step 2: – one book-length source, you have to use the eBook resources, the name of the book, Mohenjodaro Seals, Read and Identified.
By: Mokashi-Punekar, Shankar
Delhi: Caxton Publications, 1984 (Ps: at end of the essay, you have to use bibliography below)
-Three articles you have to use I’ve provided, just check as PDF. NO WEB SITES can be used for this essay.
Please note that the FORMAT like 1" margins, do not double-space between paragraphs. DO NOT use quotations etc. When you refer to source material please paraphrase, using in-text citations that make reference to source/page #s, as in this example: “Archaeological research began at the site in 1895 (Snead 2015).” No cover sheet is needed; the top of page 1 should look as follows.


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