Assessing Community Needs for Health Education

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Communities are unique in terms of their needs, culture, social structure, and even assets. They are built on an intricate design of race, ethnicity, barriers and strengths, history and conflict. When assessing a community’s unique needs, a health educator must identify the particular health issues for this community. Such an assessment can also help you empower members of that community to learn how to address their own needs and create positive health changes. Overall, a community health needs assessment allows you, as a health educator, to understand the health issues of the community in a deeper and more meaningful way.
For this Discussion, read this week’s resources and watch the video. Then, consider the community in the video. Consider the various health-related factors affecting the community.
Based on the video in the Learning Resources, post by Day 3 an explanation of two to three health issues that could be identified by analysing the results of a community health needs assessment within this community. Explain why you chose those issues. Also, explain how you as a health educator would address at least one of these issues.

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