Assignment 1B – The Management Dilemma & Question; Assignment 1B – Survey Data Tally

Assignment 1A –
Begin researching your ideas about management dilemmas/questions that you might select for your project on the Web. Select two sites that pertain to your topic and evaluate them as suitable information sources for your project. Using the website evaluation guide, found in Exhibit 5-3 on page 101, answer all applicable questions that pertain to your website.
Please make sure to include answers to questions that apply from all five website evaluation factor areas: purpose, authority, scope, audience, and format. Make sure to include the actual web address in your response. Project is on risk management in emergency rooms.

Assignment 1B –
Please prepare your survey data by creating a paper-based tally sheet or spreadsheet codebook. Make sure to include the question number, variable name, location of the variable’s code on the paper-based sheet or spreadsheet, descriptors for the response options. Refer to your text for guidance in coding your closed-ended questions and feel free to email for help and/or feedback as you work. Project is on Risk management in emergency rooms.

book used: Business Research Methods, Edition: 12, Cooper and Schindler, McGraw­Hill, 2014, ISBN: 9780073521503


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