Audio History

Summarise the contribution of key players and landmark sound designers. Describe how through their input sound is an important factor in today’s industry. In each of your examples clearly identify the different genres and formats the key players were from. Include key dates in history. Clearly describe the move from analogue to digital technology and what advances are now being made in terms of film sound.

Use the Harvard referencing system for this task and include a Bibliography for this task. Your sources should not be web only and should include at least one book and Audio journal.

Your report must include all of the following sound designers, William Kennedy, Laurie Dickson, George Groves, Jack Foley, Jimmy MacDonald, Carl Stalling, Ben Burtt and Walter Murch. Clearly mention the genre and formats each of these sound designers worked on and what developments they contributed to Sound design that make each of them landmark sound designers.

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