"Auditing Can Resolve Financial Statement Fraud"

1- Based on the Working Version of my Draft, (which is gonna be attached as a file), you need to expand your research in order to submit your Final Version of your Final Research Assignment. On the last page of my Draft is gonna be the Professor’s Feedback and Comments about the assignment so, be sure to keep in mind what she said about the research assignment in order to avoid making the same mistakes in the Final Paper.

The Topic of my Research is:
“Auditing Can Resolve Financial Statement Fraud”

2- You MUST USED at least 7 scholarly sources, from which 4 of them are gonna be attached in a File. REMEMBER, YOU MUST USE THE 4 SCHOLARLY SOURCES ALREADY ATTACHED IN THE FILE.
-SOURCES APPROVED FOR THIS PROJECT: -You must have one book but NO MORE than one book. Other sources can come from the library, eLibrary databases, scholarly journals and magazines, findarticles.com, or Google Scholar. THE SOURCES CAN NOT BE OLDER THAN 10 YEARS.


· Use proper APA format (cover page, abstract, body, and reference page).
· Must be 2000-2500 words. (This includes the ABSTRACT (200-225 words) and the BODY (1800-2275 words.)
· Use Times New Roman font (12 point).
· Use integrated short burst quotes in the body of your own sentences. Use minimal paraphrasing and signal phrases. No block quotes should be used.
· Sources should be obtained from eLibrary databases. They should consist of articles from scholarly journals dated within the last ten years. Other sources may be approved as long as they
are scholarly and provided you check with the instructor first.
· Submit this assignment in Microsoft Word Document format. No other formats will be accepted.
Use the following format for the FILE NAME: AbernathyA_Formal Research Assignment. Note that the name format contains your last name and first initial in exactly that order.


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