Why is flight better than invisibility

Thesis statement, body structure, 1,000 words, state quotes.P(5.m)

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Learning from engineering failures

Identify and describe in detail one engineering failure that occurred prior to the year 1900 for Large and localised (eg Granville train accident 1977).

Large – Catastrophic failure, with extensive loss of life, and severe irreparable property damage.
Localised – this type of failure will only have an impact on the immediate area where the incident occurs.

Whatever failure you choose, it must be an engineering failure for which you can readily obtain information. You are required to provide:

1- General Introduction.

2- A brief background to the failure and why you believe your example qualifies as an engineering failure (as distinct from a non-engineering failure).

3- Define the inherent risk.

4- Conduct a risk assessment to quantitatively verify the magnitude of the risk exposure in terms of deaths/injuries/damages/costs using a recognised method such as: Causal Diagram and FMEA.

Describe in detail the causal chain (ie show causality from the root cause(s) to the failure event) and FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis) and provide a causal diagram and FMEA (as an Appendix).

5- Would the pre-failure mitigation have passed the HSE Tolerability of Risk (ToR) test (ie you need to demonstrate the consequences of the failure in terms of deaths/injuries/damages/costs to confirm whether they were/weren’t 10x or greater than the sacrifice/investment entailed with the implementation of any pre-accident countermeasures).

6- Lessons were learnt from this failure.

7- Conclusion and recommendations.

8- Reference list: At least two of the references should be from Journal article.


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supply chain of pharmaceuticals

See below for paper instruction
see attachment for table of contents (paper should be written according to table of contents)

Topic: supply chain of pharmaceuticals

In this course, you will write a final paper. Your paper will focus on the supply chain of a specific industry, for example, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, food, or furniture. The paper should describe the supply chain of the industry in detail. For example:
Please refer to the case study "Flexitime: Has its Time Come and Gone?" and provide your answer to the questions.
Who are the participants in the supply chain?
Who has the bargaining power?
What are the challenges (for example, uncertain demand or supply, seasonality)?
What are the opportunities or trends (for example, e-commerce, outsourcing, or innovative forms of contract)?

you do not need to make the cover page


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Freshman Composition

Essay #1 Prompt

Topic Background: In the first unit of our class, we have learned that cultural myths carry significant weight and may unknowingly affect our customs, values and beliefs. For this essay, I would like you to consider the cultural myth of the “model family.” Is there such a thing as a “model family”? May this ideal cloud one’s judgment or lead to a false sense of his/her own family’s worth? Finally, can a challenging of this particular cultural myth lend to becoming a more critical thinker?

Sources: Linda Brodkey, “Writing on the Bias,” Gary Soto “Looking for Work,” Naomi Gerstel and Natalia Sarkisian, “The Color of Family Ties: Race, Class, Gender and Extended Family Involvement”

Writing Task: Using each source, respond to the following prompt with a well-developed, focused essay of 3-5 FULL pages

In these first unit readings, how is the cultural myth of the “model family” challenged?

Directions: A typed paper using 12pt Times New Roman font, double-spacing, and 1” margins is mandatory for the final draft. Completion of ALL drafts and other assignments is mandatory to complete this unit and receive a full grade for the final draft. Late papers will not be accepted.


Revisit Diana Hacker’s Rules For Writers. Particularly the “Exploring, Planning and Drafting” chapter.
Think subject, then purpose. What are you trying to teach your audience?
Who are you writing for (not just the professor!)? Think of audience before you write your first sentence.
Please use all resources available to you. My office hours and the Writing Center are great places to start.


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Business Model Generation

here is the book for the business model


please make sure that you pick one company of the items on your canvas

must use 1½ line spacing with 12-point fonts


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The fall of Adam in the garden of Eden


The fall of Adam in the garden of Eden

Alienation from God

The fallen nature

Reconciliation with God


The new covenant Justification

Justification by faith alone according to Reformation doctrine

Salvation by grace

Free grace movement and errors

Calvinism and Eternal Security

Arminianism and Salvation by Works

Freedom from the Law

The walk of Sanctification

Walking in the Spirit

Predestination > Glorification


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History of War

See everything from previous order instructions below and books being used for the course. Annotated bibliography and paper outline written before attached. Professors comments on attached written was that paper is far too general. Also he wrote (This would be nothing more than a synopsis of our book).
Write a ten page paper in which you engage one of the topics addressed in the reading or from class regarding some aspect the challenges faced by a people at war, using the course materials and a variety of historical and contemporary sources. You may not do any topic that involved the military conflict itself. This paper will be written in two stages. Find something to write about other than the war itself from the two class textbooks being used. 5 0r more secondary sources. How event happened and importance of it. NO BATTLES! Research/ Essay. Make it narrow and defined. Thesis, Analysis, Conclusion. 1) Submit a prospective, annotated bibliography and an outline (formal or narrative) of how you expect the paper to be presented in its final draft 2) Responding to the comments by the professor, submit a well-considered, final draft, as an essay in correct academic style and form. Classroom textbooks are A People at War (Civilians and Soldiers In America’s Civil War 1854-1877) by Scott Nelson and Carol Sheriff A Short History of Reconstruction (Updated Edition) by Eric Foner


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Human Factors in Aviation

Please find instructions in files.

3000 words

Use the materials provided in files. Use Incite reference after every sentence you reference from. NO internet references; please use journal articles, books and peer reviewed articles, In the introduction of each essay- do briefly outline to the reader exactly what you are going to discuss and then proceed with the essay.

Use textbook : Wickens, C., Lee, J., Liu, Y.D., & Gordon-Becker, S. (2013). Introduction to human factors engineering. (2nd ed.). Essex, UK: Pearson. (note: some versions of this edition are dated 2014). (NOT PROVIDED)


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Relationship between Safety and Security In industry

In this research, I need an expert writer (can go through Safety and security). The topic is Relationship between Safety and Security In industry. It should cover the definition of both safety and security separately with an explanation about it, then go to explain the Similarities of Safety and Security and Differences between safety and security.Also, talk about the safety culture and safety culture. with study case.


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Data Mining

As a customer shops an insurance policy, he/she will receive a number of quotes with different coverage options before purchasing a plan. This is represented in this challenge as a series of rows that include a customer ID, information about the customer, information about the quoted policy, and the cost. Your task is to predict the purchased coverage options using a limited subset of the total interaction history. If the eventual purchase can be predicted sooner in the shopping window, the quoting process is shortened and the issuer is less likely to lose the customer’s business.

Using a customer’s shopping history, can you predict what policy they will end up choosing?




Data Introduction

The training and test sets contain transaction history for customers that ended up purchasing a policy. For each customer_ID, you are given their quote history. In the training set you have the entire quote history, the last row of which contains the coverage options they purchased. In the test set, you have only a partial history of the quotes and do not have the purchased coverage options. These are truncated to certain lengths to simulate making predictions with less history (higher uncertainty) or more history (lower uncertainty).

For each customer_ID in the test set, you must predict the seven coverage options they end up purchasing.

What is a customer?

Each customer has many shopping points, where a shopping point is defined by a customer with certain characteristics viewing a product and its associated cost at a particular time.

  • Some customer characteristics may change over time (e.g. as the customer changes or provides new information), and the cost depends on both the product and the customer characteristics.
  • A customer may represent a collection of people, as policies can cover more than one person.
  • A customer may purchase a product that was not viewed!

Product Options

Each product has 7 customizable options selected by customers, each with 2, 3, or 4 ordinal values possible:

A product is simply a vector with length 7 whose values are chosen from each of the options listed above. The cost of a product is a function of both the product options and customer characteristics.

Variable Descriptions

customer_ID – A unique identifier for the customer
shopping_pt – Unique identifier for the shopping point of a given customer
record_type – 0=shopping point, 1=purchase point
day – Day of the week (0-6, 0=Monday)
time – Time of day (HH:MM)
state – State where shopping point occurred
location – Location ID where shopping point occurred
group_size – How many people will be covered under the policy (1, 2, 3 or 4)
homeowner – Whether the customer owns a home or not (0=no, 1=yes)
car_age – Age of the customer’s car
car_value – How valuable was the customer’s car when new
risk_factor – An ordinal assessment of how risky the customer is (1, 2, 3, 4)
age_oldest – Age of the oldest person in customer’s group
age_youngest – Age of the youngest person in customer’s group
married_couple – Does the customer group contain a married couple (0=no, 1=yes)
C_previous – What the customer formerly had or currently has for product option C (0=nothing, 1, 2, 3,4)
duration_previous –  how long (in years) the customer was covered by their previous issuer
A,B,C,D,E,F,G – the coverage options
cost – cost of the quoted coverage options


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