Autobiographical Essay

Autobiographical Essay Instructions:
This Essay is an Autobiographical Essay that I will have to turn into my pre-medical office.
I should include things such as:
1. General Family History
2. Intellectual Pursuits (what I find interesting about it),
3. Origin of my interest in medicine
4.What I have learned from my clinical Shadowing and research experiences
5. Challenges I have overcome
6. Scholastic information (awards, honors, scholarships)
7. Community Service involvement I will give you a little information about myself in each, I need this essay to sound as personal as possible, with a true passion about everything I write. 1. I come from a hispanic family in which everything was earned through hard work. My father is Venezuelan and My mother is Cuban, they decided to move to the US from Venezuela in 1990, the following year I was born.
My father was the first who graduated in his family, graduating for him was one of his biggest accomplishments as he did not have any of the facilities I now day have. He lived about five hours away from the city, so everyday he would have to take trains and busses. He has instilled in me that if he can do it, so can I. He is the person I most look up to, he knows my dreams of becoming a Doctor and helping other, and nothing will make him more happy than seeing me reach my dreams.
I have a very closed tight nit family in which we all support each other greatly. I am very grateful for each and everyone of them, because I don’t think I would be able to be half the person I am today without them.
2. Intellectual Pursuits: Learning is a great fascination to me. Any chance I have to learn I try and take it. I want to become a doctor because becoming a doctor means you never stop learning, there is always room to learn more. I have a strong belief that the more you learn the younger and alert your mind stays. I do not want to be doing the same thing everyday for the rest of my life and have my mind slowly deteriorate, I want to be able to branch out and see things that fascinate me along the way.
3. Origin of interest in medicine: When I was in middle school and I was briefly taught what the sodium potassium pump was, I found it to be something amazing. Something that was so hard to believe, something so microscopic can be functioning in our bodies in perfect form. It amazed me. That same year my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I was totally distraught at the fact she might be taken away from me, that I had to over inform myself of what exactly what breast cancer and how does one even get this, I read articles about it, I attended every chemotherapy session with her, and tried my best to understand what the Doctors said to her. When she won the battle against breast cancer and her oncologist guided her back to health, I knew that the human body was something that fascinated me in a way that nothing else did. I knew I wanted to be just like that oncologist and help bring health and happiness back to someones life.
4. What Have I learned from Clinical shadowing/research experience: Shadowing has helped confirm that I truly want to become a Doctor. It has shown me how tender and caring one has to be with patients, It has also shown my the tremendous amount of dedication one has to devote to the career, it has also shown me the joy one gets from seeing their patients recover. Even though I already knew this, it has opened my eyes once again to how detailed the human body is and how perfectly detailed one has to be, and how careful one has to be with it especially during surgery, even something one might think is minor is actually huge when it comes to the body.
I am part of two researches, one clinical and one in a laboratory. My clinical research has shown me how there is so many factors that Contribute to childhood obesity, and how important it is to reach out to parents from when the child is only months born. Not only has this research provided this for me, but I also gained two mentors (the two head Doctors in the research) They told me their stories and the steps they took into becoming a doctor. This research has also shown me the hard work, dedication, and love that these team of Doctors put in to help the community. This type of research is has me leaning towards getting a masters in public health in the gap year I have before medical school. The laboratory research has helped me seen life in a molecular level, how important life is at a microscopic level and how we can distinguish between different species just by looking at their DNA. This type of worked has helped me learn how to work with a team, how to perfect different skills, and how to follow specific protocols.
5. overcome challenge: I have information on this one that I will send you as soon as the order goes through. ( I want the essay to be really detailed when it comes to this part)
6. Awards, Honors, Scholarship: Associates in Arts degree. While at Miami Dade College, I made it to the deans list 4 Semesters, I am a national member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society. I have awarded the hispanic scholarship fund scholarship as well as the Region’s Bank Dowd and Susan Ritter undergraduate scholarship.
7. Community Service Involvement: I have been a faithful hospital volunteer to Mount Sinai since summer 2010. Thanks to my involvement in Alpha Epsilon Delta, I have not only made amazing friends who have made my being a student at the university easier but also has helped me be a part of various community services throughout miami such as : visiting various of times Ronald McDonalds house to bond and share quality time with the children who are currently living there, I have done volunteer work at Miami Children’s Science museum and had the privilege to teach students about different things about the human body, be a part of at least one community health fair a year. From all of this I have learned that its so much better to give back, I have been able to step out of my life and see life through other peoples lenses. I feel amazing after doing any type of community work because it truly shows me how to step out of my self centered world and be there for someone else without expecting anything in return. I want this essay to sound very personal, explain every detail about me and really show how interested I am in being a Doctor.
This essay is going to be written for someone very important in my school, for them to read and interview me and write the first letter that medical school admissions officers will read. Therefore I need it to describe me and my life perfectly. Please please ask me if there is any uncertainties or if you think you might need a little more emphasis on any of the numbers. I will be sending the number 5 as soon as the order is complete and there is a writer assigned to me   ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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