Banking Operations and Risk Analysis

1.    (a) briefly review the theoretical literature on the factors influencing corporate
borrowers’ choice between bank finance and capital market finance. Discuss how banks are affected by the process of dis intermediation (b)    Critically analyse the theoretical strengths and weaknesses of the deposit contract in the context of liquidity and maturity transformation. Briefly
evaluate whether funding through securitised assets can alleviate some of the weaknesses. 2.    Evaluate the nature and relative importance of liquidity risk, interest rate risk, market risk and country risk in banking operations. 3.    (a) Evaluate the approaches available to banks for the management of credit risk, with particular reference to the use of credit derivatives. (b)    Critically analyse how the incorporation of information on credit quality could enhance the regulatory approach to capital adequacy. 4.    Comment on the roles of liquidity, interest rates, capital and securitisation in the management of a bank’s balance sheet. 5.    Compare the strengths and weaknesses of accounting-based and risk-adjusted methods for evaluating bank performance.

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