This is what my professor specifically states:
"Key elements are inadequately addressed, all points are not supported in the literature, key concepts lack coherence and clarity. Not framed to proper program of study. "
Since the problem is not clear (or documented by a need for research in the peer-reviewed published literature), it is difficult to develop the introduction.
you need much more literature support for the problem statement."
2.-Statment of the problem:
"The description of the problem is incomplete or unclear. No evidence is provided indicating the problem exists. Evidence to support the problem is dated. Lacks alignment with the material in the Introduction. The significance of the problem is not discussed is unclear or not discussed. (Applied problem is not discussed in evidence of the local problem and larger population / PhD problem is not framed in the literature beyond a specific site documenting the need for and importance of the study). "
The summary of the study is incomplete or unclear, lacks focus on the need and purpose of the study, method and design, anticipated outcomes, and transitions into the next chapter.
4.-So, please for each section (introduction, statement of the problem and summary) I would need one page (for a total of 3 pages) that address all of my professor comments.
In other words, please improve what I have already done by writing one extra page in which you address all her concerns.
5.- There are a couple of comments in the document attached from Dr. patrick McNamara, please disregard them because, they are from a previous course. All you need to focus is in introduction, statement of the problem and summary


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