Beginning Contemporary Dance Technique

There are 6 Artists I would like you to watch.  Most of them are short clips. Enjoy!

Pina Bausch – Rite of Spring Performance

William Forsythe

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Steve Paxton

Nederlands Dance Theatreance Theatre Reel

Malpaso Dance Company


For your Midterm, you will view works from several Contemporary Artists.
Choose an artist that speaks to you the most. It is essential that you take time to research the artist you have chosen further. Watch their work on YouTube, look for interviews by this artist, what do critics say about this artist and his/her work?
After researching to your satisfaction, write a two page response.  I am interested in where your research has led you and what you have learned.  I am not interested in a detailed biography of the mentioned artist, unless you are trying to make a point. I am more interested in how the artist’s work, the artist’s views on dance and your research have changed your ideas about what dance is and what it can be. It is important that you write concretely. On the top of your paper include your name, class and date.
List all resources used in your research on the final page.

Consider the following questions in your writing.

1.      What did you find useful, intriguing or relevant in your research?
Was there anything said or mentioned throughout your research process that you would  like
to keep as a personal reference? Explain.

2.      How has this article or research challenged your ideas about dance or support your ideas
about dance?


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