Consider your research topic along with the topics / subject matter we are studying in this module (module details below ) . Find four research sources, with 1 or 2 from peer-reviewed journals and 1 or 2 from trade journals. You may include one popular source if it is relevant to your exploration of the topic and appropriately current and from a good quality source. Note that your sources should be current (within past 5 years). If possible, try to find some articles that connect your research topic with any of the module topics. Write an annotated bibliography entry for each of the four sources, and compile them into a document to submit.
Each annotated bibliography entry should have the following organization:
• Formal citation (use MLA, APA, or another recognized format)
• Annotation:
o Summary of source — a few sentences providing an overview of the source, focusing on the main idea or argument.
o Evaluation of source — a sentence or two discussing the goal of the source and how effectively it achieves that goal.
o Usefulness of the source for your purposes — a couple of sentences discussing how the source is useful in your work on your research topic.

we are working now on responsibilities related to the safe, secure, responsible and ethical management and use of information systems .
At the end of this module, you will be able to :
• Discuss the range of ethical, legal and social responsibilities connected with managing information systems
• Explore the options for responsibilities related to reliability, security, and privacy for information systems
• Consider these topics within the context of an organizationP(5.u)       

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