This assignment will be focused upon James Joyce. It will consist of four separate parts.
I. Compose a two page biography of James Joyce. In writing his life story, feel free to leave out anything you wish; in fact, you may confine your attention to a small period in his life. Your essay should begin with an introduction that contains:
-a generalized opening 
 -a clearly stated central idea 
 -at least six sentences 
Support your introduction with three paragraphs, each of which begins with a transitional sentence, and a conclusion. 
In one of your support paragraphs, quote once from a book about James Joyce, in another, once from a NEW YORK TIMES article about him, and in another, once from the internet. Be sure to include the proper in-line citation after each quote.
Don’t get carried away with your central idea. Keep it simple. You may say something to the effect that he was totally dedicated to his art, or that his art reflected his life, or whatever.
II. Compose a one-paragraph summary of a magazine article about any story from DUBLINERS or about DUBLINERS itself. This summary should begin: “Article’s Title” in MAGAZINE TITLE is concerned with…. Briefly review the contents of the article. Somewhere in the paragraph quote once from the article you are summarizing. Don’t forget the in-line citation.
III. Same as II, but using an article from the internet. Include a quote from the article you’re summarizing. Begin your paragraph in the same manner described in II.
Note well: the two one-paragraph summaries are completely independent of the two-page biography. Do not make any effort to integrate them. Keep them separate from the biography and from each other.
IV. Compose a “Works Cited” list on the last page of the paper. List the relevant data for the book, magazine, newspaper, and internet articles.


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